Our History

Our History:

Stourbridge Cricket Club was established in 1842. Some of the mesmeric evidence is enshrined in the photos of the players going back in time displayed in the traditional club house. Stourbridge CC was in the Birmingham District league from 1894 until 2003 winning Division One honours in 1919, winning all three Divisions in 1987 and Division One honours once again in 1989. In 1986 Stourbridge won the National knock out (known as the Cockspur Cup) playing at Lords.

First Class Cricket was played at the Club’s Memorial Ground from 1905 until 1981. The big crowds in attendance enjoyed watching Glen Turner giving the bowlers the run around, admiring the likes of Kapil Dev, Imran Khan, Richie Benaud, Jack Hobbs and others gracing the pavilion dressing rooms. The extent of the richness of the history of Stourbridge Cricket Club goes to hosting two ICC Trophy matches

The hey days inevitably came to an abrupt end as the Club faced relegation into the Worcester Crusader league in 2003, and further relegation into Division Two of the Worcester Crusader league in 2005.

A five year turnaround strategy was put in place in with an annual development plan that has seen improvements in the Club’s fortunes which has seen the promotion to Division One of the Worcester Crusader league.

Further promotion in the 2011 season ensured Stourbridge Cricket Club returning to its natural home in the Birmingham & District Premier Cricket League. 2011 season ended with a record 401 points in the Worcestershire League.

The building blocks in place are:

           Young home grown players who hold the key to promotion and progress.

           A growing Junior section.

           A  team  of volunteers to improve essential facilities – using Cricket Force as  

          a main vehicle.

           Achieving Clubmark and a Focus club status through Worcester County and

           the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB.)

           Growing list of sponsors and charities ready to provide much needed funds.

           Marketing of the club in the local community.